About the project
Concert with organ, drums, light installation and electronics

This is an author's project created by Vladimir Magalashvili especially for the famous great Seifert organ of St. Matthias Church in Schöneberg, which combines modern musical genres with classical forms of an organ concerto. The organ will sound not only as a solo instrument, but also appear in the ensemble with drummer Max Bendel and with the addition of electronics. The master of the light installation, Michael Suvorov, will complement the sound picture with a light palette. The concert program will include an exciting boléro by Pierre Cochereau, the Spectrum I by the Estonian composer Erkki-Sven Tüür, supplemented by a percussion group, as well as works by Marcel Dupré and Iain Farrington.
Especially for this project, the well-known composer Boris Filanovsky, who lives in Berlin, composed the organ work Supremus 4. Inspired by the avant-garde art of the early twentieth century, the works of Kazimir Malevich and the movement of the suprematists, the Supremus 4 for the organ is the real adornment of the entire concert program.

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